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Why are we called Slash Bikini? [delete as appropriate]
1 Wanted to be an all girl band but we couldn’t find enough girls
2 We wear Speedos a lot.

The Slash Bikini philosophy
We’re not Hi-Fi and we’re not Lo-Fi. We are D-I-Y! In the world of Slash Bikini, ‘punk’ means ‘do it yourself’. We won’t wait around for someone to come and give us a million quid, or a record deal, or a nice piece of fish. If we can’t afford something we need, we’ll make, borrow or steal it. We released our own album; before that we made our own EP, which sold out. We wrote, recorded, engineered and mixed it. In fact we built the studio to record it in. Heck, we even built some of the microphones and amplifiers ourselves. Before punk was a marketing genre for major labels to push crappy American bands, punk people used to release their own records: DIY is Punk.

What do we want?
We really want our own hollowed out volcano with our faces carved on it. Can you help us with that? If not, then just listen to some of our songs, hang out with us, play us on your radio, and come and see us play.

We like taking pictures, making stop-motion movies, and of course writing songs. Most of all we like to have fun.

Very often we give away stuff for free - check our webpage for special offers.


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