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STOP: Gun and Knife Crime

I go round to schools and youth clubs talking to young people about the issues around gang culture. To make them think about what else is out there. To make them realise that they don’t have to join a gang or carry weapons.

I want to raise awareness to educate young people to STOP carrying weapons. Friends and family members have died due to this issue. I decided I just had to do something. I turned to what I knew at the time, which was graphic design, and came up with a t-shirt design and a campaign called Solve This Ongoing Problem (STOP).

I’m using positive fashion to fight the negative gangster image. I want to inspire others. I’m not special. Everyone can use what they have to do something. I’m telling you: positivity pays off. Talent + Belief = Success.

Battlefront — Alex Rose — South Thames College from Battlefronters on Vimeo.


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