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actionaid says:

We Brits are famous for taking time out for a cuppa - no matter what's going on around us.

As part of our annual fundraiser for tea and coffee farmers in the developing world, we plan to put this theory to the test.

We want people to send in photos of themselves having a cuppa in extreme and unlikely situations. The best mug shot will win a top of the range digital camera!!!

How about a cuppa in a swanky nightclub while everyone around you is quaffing champagne, or on the Oxford Street pavement during rush hour?

Entries go up on the Tea and Coffee Break website where you can also find how you can make a difference to the lives of tea and coffee farmers in the developing world.

extreme cuppa logoAndy John, ActionAid Tea and Coffee Break spokesperson, said:

"Throughout the world the farmers who pick most of the tea and coffee we drink face low wages and appalling working conditions.

"Posing for a picture while drinking a cuppa in a sauna or during a game of football is guaranteed to turn some heads. But by entering the competition and donating to Tea and Coffee Break 2007 you will also be helping poor farmers work their way out of a genuinely extreme situation."

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