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More money for my time please

My campaign is about raising the minimum wage for under 18s.

When I was 16 I worked in a restaurant for £4.00 an hour, which was more than some people (£3.30 was the lowest I heard of). But it infuriated me that my older colleagues were earning £5.25 an hour for doing exactly the same job. The wage difference affected me a great deal because I had left home and was paying for my own rent, bills, and food – just like everyone else. I was also paying tax and national insurance – but was earning nearly 30% less than my older colleagues.

I want the government to recognize the hard work of young people and the amount that they contribute to the work force. I’m taking this opportunity to make a difference about something I feel strongly about and to try to inspire others. I want everyone to get a fair deal.

My Campaign from Rachey Betty on Vimeo.


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