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Down with Tuition Fees

According to a Government study university students who began courses in 2006/2007 will leave with an estimated average debt of £15,000.?

For young people, especially students from a working-middle class background who’s parents may be holding poorly paid but essential jobs key to our economy, fees are a massive deterrent. Young people shouldn’t have to start their careers already owing money or be put off going to university by the fees. In my opinion, university education should be free for all students in the UK regardless of wealth, social class or personal circumstances; in fact, regardless of anything.?

I want to lobby and campaign so that university fees are scrapped. I’ve been building support for this campaign for the last three years with the UK Youth Parliament, and I’m calling on young people to unite against tuition fees. The current university fees are up for review in 2009. Some people want them fixed, some people want them lowered, but I, along with other Members of the Youth Parliament and millions of other Young people want to put pressure on the Government to scrap them for good.

Battlefront: A mission to go where no young person has gone before - James Greenhalgh from Battlefronters on Vimeo.


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