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DarkCryst says:

So.. I open the floor to any questions. Anyone?

"Godamn I must know more about this fine specimen of manhood!"

Well gee thanks... I'm 24, English, and tall.
I do graphical type stuff on computers. In my spare time I.. try and keep away from computers, but I guess I'm a geek...
I live and work in the smallest room in my house (and its not the toilet).
My spelling is better than my typing would indicate and I probably spend too much time on the internet and computers.
But hey.. the people here are cool, so it works out.

I'm er.. me... have a look at my blog to get a hint!

"How do I know you aren't some kind of evil creature??? DEMON!! DEEEEMOOON!!"

Calm down you hysterical person you.
While I offer no guarentees I'm pretty sure I'm not a demon/evil being with supernatural powers bent upon enslaving you all and making you worship my every move. Though I'll let you know if this changes.


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