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'phonesnap' is an ongoing community project examining the different usages of mobile phone photography.

Participants are requested to send in the last two images taken with their phones; without editing, selecting or judging their entries.
Images of everything and anything are welcome.

Email your entries to moblg @
or MMS to +44 7979 072 511
(UK mobile)

This page will be updated regularly.


all copyright will remain with the photographer - any images submitted will be used only in relation to this project on it's accompanying website and literature.



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lazyline's last two phonesnaps

(viewed 432 times)
22nd Mar 2006, 21:39   comments (0)

Jan's last two phonesnaps

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19th Mar 2006, 15:56   comments (0)

robby's last two phonesnaps

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andrea's last two phonesnaps

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19th Mar 2006, 14:33   comments (1)

sam's last two phonesnaps

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19th Mar 2006, 14:25   comments (0)

leonie's last two phonesnaps

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my last two pxt images
(that's what we call them in New Zealand!)
18th Mar 2006, 19:58   comments (0)

stuart's last two phonesnaps

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18th Mar 2006, 19:18   comments (1)

Severin's last two phonesnaps

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