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May 1st, 2008 shall begin my 365 Photos project. One photo for everyday, if you'd like to participate let me know and we'll work out a link.

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My name is Sarah, a 23yr old from the US. i happen to adore culture... art in all forms is my life blood. i live for it, can't get enough of it.

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jackie-o at target

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yes, those are my sunglasses that she insisted on wearing while greeting everyone a multitude of times. i think her shirt was more than appropriate for the outing, good thing she just happens to be cute as well.
3rd Apr 2006, 22:17   | tags:comments (5)

look what i found

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sooo cute, there has been a birdie in the flower basket on my sisters front door for the last few weeks all through the day you can hear them chirping through the door. today i desided to take a look, knowing there was probebly a nest but was delightfully surprised to find a few lovely eggs as well, little blue eggs with a few black spots. i am pretty sure that a little family of robins has built this nest. don't worry i didn't touch them...
29th Mar 2006, 00:07   comments (7)

sarah the plant killer

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my poor little aloe vera plant... that bottom leaf has lost it's umph, it fought the good fight but lost. now i don't know what to do haha do i just cut it off? is it going to make the rest sick? is there something special i should feed it? i think before i start any gardening i should read some on the plants i will be trying to take care of.
28th Mar 2006, 18:32   comments (5)

The morning

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i've spent the morning cuddled to a cup of hot chocolate in my favorite sweater... for whatever reason i woke to throw off my covers and was attacked by the coldest air that almost stole my breath. well maybe thats a bit exagerated but it was still quite cold for the amount of clothing i sleep in. so in first order of the day was something hot and sweet.i feel like i should spend my day going through my closet and making room by riding it of clothing i no longer wear, or find so hideous that i will never wear it. Even though it's officially spring it doesn't feel like spring... spring gives me the fever every one talks about, i want to clean out closets and boxes, rearrange, have yard sales and plant a garden. it becomes a ritual.
26th Mar 2006, 18:13   comments (6)

The sky is divided

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Here is the view from the upstairs window... right after took these pictures it starting to sleat in huge fast balls of snow.... then quickly as it began it stopped and now it is gently raining and the sun still shining all the while. but i found the divide in the sky where the dark clouds are trying to push the fluffy clouds to the east.This is the type of saturday best for reading the paper on the covered porch with a hot chocolate, or coffee if you prefer, i'm just in the mood for chocolate.I've had this interesting urge to garden lately. buy a few pots of varieing sizes and grow some flowers or some herbs and gather them to the side of the porch. perhaps i'll make a trip to the nursery later.
25th Mar 2006, 17:38   comments (0)

For the love of scarves

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Just a few more pictures to round out the page. I made the scarf, i'm reading the book and now i will drink my dr. pepper and listen to aqualung. the weather is really crazy outside... it has been bright and sunny all morning but everything is soaked like it is after a hard rain. but i didn't witness any rain... last night i watched the movie Proof with Anthony Hopkins and Gweneth Paltrow and i still don't know how i feel about it... anyone have a take on it?
25th Mar 2006, 17:22   comments (0)

Beautiful girl

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My niece, the adorable taurus she is all smiles and laughter. she is not yet two and asks for music constantly. When i first started taking care of her during the day in nov while her parents work and they waited for a spot in the daycare of their choice to open she didn't speak well but she understood well. she is so easy to love and just ready to go go go. I started putting on the acustic sounds of The Scene Aesthetic, she would stop in her tracks and listen as i sang along. for her music was love at first note. when a song was finished she would look up and say "mo, mo, mo" so i'd play it again. From then on i'd aske her if she wanted music and she quickly learned the word. She knows her favorites by the first few notes and if it's not what she wants she simply says "no" without a scream or a cry just smooth and easy. She knows that cd's play music in a cd player, she will walk straight to my cd wrack and pic up the first thing she
touches and bring it to me, if she doesn't like it she says no and brings another one. Acustic, piano... sounds like Aqualung, Imogen Heap, Copeland and Coldplay.
One day she will be in love with a musician and know him better than he knows himself...
24th Mar 2006, 02:14   comments (6)

The Hot Librarian

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Random photo haha. by request from a friend.

This is also my first photo. You know i like this phone, the way it works and the other features it has. also i like the option of having larger than 100x150 photos. This is a Sony Ericsson, my last phone was an LG and the largest photos were still so small... but the quality of the SE compared with the LG is maybe half. the quality on the LG was near perfect. I guess it's a trade off huh?
24th Mar 2006, 01:40   comments (15)
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