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Now back in more regular job with a desk.

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This beats the Fairfield Inn

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Trip ended slightly alarmingly with the French sneaking looks at the score from their mobiles in mid flight while the game was in progress. I can report excellent coverage at 30,000 ft...
6th Jul 2006, 09:25   comments (2)

The Ciel de Paris

(viewed 635 times)
Fab restaurant in Montparnasse Paris with a 56th floor view, most excellent. Eifel tower at night also spectacular. Go France!

Did not take camera to dinner to aviod looking like a tourist but I took this through my grimy hotel room window.
6th Jul 2006, 09:19   comments (1)

Thud / Clang

(viewed 683 times)
Neither Art Deco nor blessed with a ring of confidence...
25th Jun 2006, 14:31   comments (8)

Pancake like the moon

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I made a pancake and it reminded me of the moon.Perhaps there a lost love on the other side of the world who is also making pancakes right now and thinking of me?I used to travel a lot to India, and was forever phoning Mrs Ouch to ask if she could see the same moon as me. She routinely pointed out that, while it may be dark in Banaglore, it was mid afternoon in Hampshire, and that anyway, she was indoors watching Dr Zhivago which she had just got free with The Times. In turn I would point out that I was actually referring to the German business man getting changed in the other wing of the hotel without having closed his curtains, and whose pimply behind was ruining my gin and tonic...Nice pancake though, with a bit of Nutella and a cup of coffee...
25th Jun 2006, 10:48   comments (10)

Back to reality

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10th Jun 2006, 10:33   comments (3)

We really lived it up in Dallas

(viewed 497 times)
9th Jun 2006, 14:51   comments (2)

All I saw of Dallas, may as well have been Basingstoke!

(viewed 620 times)
9th Jun 2006, 14:49   comments (3)

Even the camera is a bit wooooozzzziiieeee....

(viewed 628 times)
4th Jun 2006, 09:36   comments (3)