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Now back in more regular job with a desk.

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More from Mexico City - Religous Festival

(viewed 547 times)
1st Aug 2006, 19:17   comments (1)

Home, and relax

(viewed 559 times)
With some proof that world is not flat but gently sparkling!
31st Jul 2006, 22:33   comments (0)

A big flag

(viewed 513 times)
Now, I liked Mexico (lovely people, great food, broke all my running records on my return...), but countries with big flags, a bit like men with big cars????
31st Jul 2006, 22:27   comments (0)

and some cute Mexico City taxis

(viewed 524 times)
Availabe by the thousand but none would take me back to Santa Fe, I even tried singing the song to them!! (ok so its San Jose, perhaps that put them off...)
31st Jul 2006, 22:25   comments (4)

More glass and concrete

(viewed 515 times)
30th Jul 2006, 15:53   comments (0)

Glass and Concrete 1

(viewed 511 times)
The Santa Fe business district, Mexico City
30th Jul 2006, 15:53   comments (3)

Mexico City - War Memorial

(viewed 785 times)
They are big on statues but I saw most from taxi windows...Some architecture, taxis and the inevitible hotel window shots to follow ...
30th Jul 2006, 15:32   comments (1)

Ouch Jnr's Silk Worms

(viewed 829 times)
These things are three inches long now and live in the kitchen on Mulberry leaves...The deal - we keep them alive then he gets his animal husbandry (a peculiar concept) badge at cubs, then Mrs Ouch gets to sew it on.
6th Jul 2006, 19:09   comments (4)