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Images of doom. Also, Orlando. With the occasional spot of metamoblogging. Because being recursive is fun.

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Roasted ricotta-stuffed tomatoes

(viewed 442 times)
The cocktail tomatoes don't hold up as well as roma but they are better
sized for finger food.
15th Mar 2009, 16:44   comments (0)

Why we need to organize our books

(viewed 399 times)
Three copies, so far, of Frank Herbert's Dune. Two of them are the same damn
paperback edition. *laugh*
14th Mar 2009, 22:42   comments (2)

What's in your wallet?

(viewed 600 times)
11th Mar 2009, 02:33   comments (0)

New wallet

(viewed 443 times)
Bright yellow!
11th Mar 2009, 02:33   comments (0)

Too much boob

(viewed 951 times)
I have no idea how people leave the house this exposed. Lordie. I just
couldn't do it. Bought a different dress instead.
11th Mar 2009, 01:42   comments (0)

Purple nails

(viewed 386 times)
I haven't polished my nails in months so it felt really nice to sit down and
do that for myself last night.

Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl
China Glaze Agent Lavendar
8th Mar 2009, 13:18   comments (1)

Buttoned up

(viewed 368 times)
7th Mar 2009, 18:14   comments (0)

All I need is red lipstick

(viewed 395 times)
7th Mar 2009, 18:14   comments (0)