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Images of doom. Also, Orlando. With the occasional spot of metamoblogging. Because being recursive is fun.

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Orlando takes its basketball seriously.

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14th Jun 2009, 23:57   comments (2)

Not so little anymore

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Atlas wasn't exactly tiny when we took him him but I am only just realizing
how large he has gotten. Not even a year old!
12th Jun 2009, 15:11   comments (0)

Luck, be a lady tonight

(viewed 342 times)
Score. Pink Tredair mary janes for a little over 20 bucks. Lady luck indeed!
5th Jun 2009, 20:27   comments (0)

Puck is packing himself for the next trip.

(viewed 513 times)
27th May 2009, 19:22   comments (0)

Happy cat

(viewed 554 times)
26th May 2009, 20:53   comments (2)

And it has my name on it!

(viewed 489 times)
7th May 2009, 00:59   comments (5)

Oh, it's the book!

(viewed 425 times)
7th May 2009, 00:58   comments (0)

What's this on the new non fiction table?

(viewed 530 times)
7th May 2009, 00:58   comments (0)