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Images of doom. Also, Orlando. With the occasional spot of metamoblogging. Because being recursive is fun.

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Butterfly in the rain.

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2nd Jul 2009, 19:30   comments (0)

Straws don't work very well for cats.

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25th Jun 2009, 22:40   comments (0)


(viewed 1301 times)
Oh, man, I kind of totally love how this turned out! It reminds me of a
Victorian photo album.

I don't even know what step this is.

(viewed 385 times)
This is pretty much the opposite of unbranding, I think.
21st Jun 2009, 23:18   comments (0)

Steps 4, 5, and 6 drying now

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21st Jun 2009, 21:12   comments (3)

Steps 4, 5, and 6

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21st Jun 2009, 21:12   comments (0)

Step 3, Rhinestone Trim!

(viewed 390 times)
Still not finished but I love how this is turning out. Some strategic pompom
placement on the corners, and a bit more decorative oomph are still to come.
21st Jun 2009, 17:01   comments (3)

Rhinestone trim

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21st Jun 2009, 16:59   comments (0)