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Images of doom. Also, Orlando. With the occasional spot of metamoblogging. Because being recursive is fun.

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Flat iron = Emo-riffic!

(viewed 514 times)
15th Jul 2009, 23:53   comments (1)

Me and JT in college

(viewed 365 times)
Finally framed this - though it is a total cheat with no matt. Still, glad
to have it up and hanging in my studio.
12th Jul 2009, 18:54   comments (0)

Sheriff badge

(viewed 4303 times)
Sometimes the most fun accessories are the simplest to make.
9th Jul 2009, 19:39   comments (2)

Profile, unsure

(viewed 524 times)
8th Jul 2009, 21:54   comments (0)

New hairs cut

(viewed 391 times)
8th Jul 2009, 21:53   comments (0)

Shingles vaccine

(viewed 909 times)
I didn't realize shingles was such an issue in urban Orlando.
7th Jul 2009, 23:00   comments (0)

Zebra slipcover

(viewed 1256 times)
5th Jul 2009, 19:47   comments (1)

Finally changed the slipcover

(viewed 402 times)
It's fuzzy!
4th Jul 2009, 22:17   comments (5)