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These photos have only one thing in common: each is something I saw that I wanted to remember for some reason.

If you're sick of pictures, I also put words online at my livejournal. And this Moblog's LJ feed is "offensivemoblog" if you want to keep an eye on it over there.

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In this Norwich Union advertisement, the woman goes from having very dark brown eyes to having very light eyes. You won't be able to see it here, but have a look if you see one in the wild. This sort of lack of attention to detail upsets me more than it should.
6th Oct 2005, 08:55   comments (9)

I made this!

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The tomatoes are much more successful than the corn was!
4th Sep 2005, 17:12   comments (2)

L'Oreal's Couleur Experte 3.54, Chocolate Mousse with Dark Mahogany and Copper Highlights

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The second photo is provided not to show you what I look like when I'm being evil, but rather to emphasize the appearance of the coppery highlights under a strong light source. Ahthangyew.
1st Sep 2005, 12:44   comments (10)

Pulling a face

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Weird color effects and huge face! Best Jon photo EVAH!
25th Aug 2005, 21:50   comments (10)

Thai triptych

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10th Aug 2005, 22:43   comments (2)

Celeb sighting?

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Bloody hell, is this Kirsten Dunst?!
10th Aug 2005, 19:12   comments (5)


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The sum total of this year's harvest.
6th Aug 2005, 15:12   comments (3)

Sorry, this seat is for my foot.

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Not content with just showing pure contempt for other passengers, this superb specimen likes showing us all her knickers too.

I should note that she wasn't asleep; also, this was the most modest position she adopted during the course of the 15-minute journey. The teenage boy sitting across from her (where her foot is pointing) no longer needs school-sponsored sex education.
5th Aug 2005, 23:16   comments (7)