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Living in this life is like living in a big maze, And here i am, in the big maze of my life

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Wedding portraits

(viewed 573 times)
24th Jul 2007, 08:36   comments (2)


(viewed 577 times)
24th Jul 2007, 05:35   comments (3)

Call her Owen

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Call her Owen, cos she's realy fond of "Michael Owen" and dont ask me how to
make her stop singging, cos u can't stop her!
But.. she's one of our good friend anyway.
23rd Jul 2007, 06:39   comments (1)

An old camera

(viewed 637 times)
23rd Jul 2007, 04:25   comments (1)


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First, from Jakarta History Museum. One of the oldest Dutch building.
and the second from Mandiri Bank.
21st Jul 2007, 05:08   comments (2)

Jakarta at night

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BNI Tower
20th Jul 2007, 08:01   comments (4)

Book Launch

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14th Jul 2007, 05:49   comments (4)

Another pic from Telaga Warna

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10th Jul 2007, 06:24   comments (0)