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Jaws 5:

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Newsflash: Jaws swims up the Thames and munches graffiti artist in South Bank shocker!"
18th Jul 2008, 22:08   | tags:,,,,comments (6)

A mad tea party:

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I've got so many old photos, I think I may be sorting through them for the rest of my life. I've been spending some time editing, uploading and tagging some of them on Facebook, and doing so has opened up more than a few discussions with some old friends.

For my 24th birthday party i thought i'd do something different, so i hired the back room of a pub and convinced a few friends of mine that we should recreate A Mad Tea Party.

I donned my top & tails, and i bought my then girlfriend a lovely blue and white bib dress by Vivienne Westwood. It was fun, but i thought we were the only ones who would turn up in costume on the day.

On my birthday, i went to the venue and was greeted by the cheshire cat, a white bunny, a pack of cards, tweedle dum and even someone dressed as a puffin (she claimed she had a right as Puffin released the books). Pretty much everyone else wore hats. I was overwhelmed, but things got even better later on when my mate Kev turned up as Indiana Jones (you'd have to know him...)

Anyway, there you go. Mad Hatter plus tea party guests. Thought this might be fitting as my moblog is 4 today.
16th Jul 2008, 14:49   | tags:,,comments (32)

1990, with Chewy, forest moon of Endor:

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I guess I should add this to Timewarp but I love it too much not to put it here.

Note AT-ST foot for scale.

interview52: new project!

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I'm cross posting this message to my blog because some folk may not have seen this post on the group blog page yesterday.


Now we can create our own groups I thought I'd get the ball rolling with an idea i've had for a little while. Just a little fun side project for those interested.

The concept is pretty self explanatory through the sidebar, but if you are interested and have any questions, do throw them at me here. I'll answer what I can, but much like the dailyme project, it will probably formulate itself as things move forward.

The project aim is to collect 52 mobloggers (hopefully at least that many will be interested, otherwise...) willing to share themselves through a self-portrait and a 5-question interview. They will be a mixture of people who will join of their own accord, and others that I will approach directly (my intention is to approach mobloggers who post / comment less frequently and perhaps won't see this message).

The self-portrait need not be a headshot, or even include part of your body, but it must be personal and reveal something about you (i've seen portraits of shoes, contents of handbags etc. so you can be as creative as you like)

The interview will not be deeply personal, but its intention is to reveal something about you that others may not already know. I'll likely send out 10 questions and you can pick the 5 you are most comfortable answering. The questions will not be the same for every moblogger, but there will naturally be some overlapping from week to week. I'd love to receive suggestions to add to the question bank.

Should you choose to be a part of this caper, I will (at some point) mail you a date for your Friday slot. A week before the slot I will mail you the questions, so you will have plenty of time to get everything sorted.

I'll add to this section should any questions arise.

Join the Group! We start next Friday 18th July with our first mystery guest.


11th Jul 2008, 16:39   | tags:comments (8)

When Tolkien came to dinner, this is what he said:

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Photo finish:

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Faces, vol. 1:

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Inspired a little by Sprocket and those adverts on the google box.

1. Sparkly eyes
2. With eyebrow piercing
3. Stern
6th Jul 2008, 12:49   | tags:comments (11)

where is everyone?

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been super quiet around these 'ere parts...
5th Jul 2008, 10:41   | tags:,,comments (7)