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Per Mara, la regina di ombre:

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Every time i see shadows I always think of you...
13th Aug 2008, 21:08   | tags:,comments (4)

Four people who moblog

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11th Aug 2008, 21:20   | tags:,,,comments (29)

Well what can I say. My Block Team did it again.

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"Well what can I say. My Block Team did it again. I can't actually post this SpinVox message the She London block cos I don't know how you do that so I'm posting to mine instead but we won yet again one of the categories with me Panic War and, and Harry and to be fair the picture was just, it was just all Harry. Just a fantastic picture of a couple in Trefor Square reading a map. Really, really gorgeous picture and I'm sure he'll post it later but winner my block, winner once again smashed it bam(?)"
- spoken through SpinVox
9th Aug 2008, 19:27   | tags:,comments (9)

Queserasara with pimped out ride.

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Queserasara with pimped out ride.

Crazy paving:

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For Sprocket, Maggie and the piñata crew:

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In relation to these posts:

I spent my 4th birthday in India. I was obsessed with Humpty Dumpty at the time, so: matching Humpty Dumpty cake and piñata.

Took me ages to smash it after my dad insisted on spinning me around loads of times. When I eventually nailed it, my blindfold was on so tight that by the time i got it off, all the toys had been taken by the other kids, and I cried. Mums explanation of the differences between the children living in the UK and those in India did little to console me at the time. Spoilt bugger!

Edit: Shortly after this was taken I flew away with those massive collars.
7th Aug 2008, 21:02   | tags:,comments (14)

Top of the range:

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I bought me a 70's rangefinder. Forget five frames per second, with this you'll be lucky to take one frame every five seconds.

I'm using it to learn better technique, especially when it comes to capturing the decisive moment. Holding down the trigger on a DSLR, popping off ten shots and hoping that one comes out good just won't cut it now, will it?

I've bought some diafine and i'm going to develop my own black and white negs too.


Dad, Barbershop, Tunisia, '91

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