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Hello friends. This is My "moblog". I will try to update it everyday, from my lovely hospital bed.
keep updated :) and feel free to e-mail me at I will email you back

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Pomtyping? Alex saville

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Thankyou Dhamaka
Alex saville
3rd Oct 2006, 16:01   comments (5)

VAT can wait

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Iv decided to start designin stuff again.this is a "pomtyping" (thats "microwave" in welsh) its my new idea.
(Copyrighted) so no stealing! Stealings bad!Its a chair, with intergrated speakers, and wine bucket. Hehe im guna
make a website for it (flash obviously)
I have also made a sofa version, and an outdoor chair and sofa for the
garden (with intergrated video projector, so you can watch films and tv
in the garden)
Alex saville
3rd Oct 2006, 14:55   comments (1)

Hey hey

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Im still in hospital, angry and confused why im still here?Blood counts today:Haemoglobin: 10.0 (normal range is 13.0-16.5)Though most of this year my haemoglobin has been around the 8.5 mark? Iv
been and outpatient with haemoglobin of 7.9. 10.0 is high for me, i cant
remember having 10.0.Neutrophils: 1.87 (normal range is 2.50-7.50)I am in no danger from bacterial infections with neutrophils of 1.87.
They are usually happy for you to be at home with neutrophils of about
1.0. Though i have been at home with 0.5 before?Platelets: 41 (normal range is 150-400)
The doctors want to keep my platelets above 30, but i can have platelets
as an outpatient.
I had a bag last night, that was the first bag in a week, as an
outpatient my platelets were about 7! I was having 4 bags a week. I can
easily be at home?The only reason they say im here is that im at risk to GVHD
(graft-versus host disease) because iv technicly had another bone marrow
So the new cells may attack my body.But there are signs to GVHD
1. Poor liver function (i could be having blood tests as an outpatient
to check for this)
2. Diaerhea (how do you spell that damn word) , if i had diaerhea i
would ring the hospital (i live 5 minutes away)
3. Skin rash (i live 5 minutes away?!?)They only do 1 blood test a day in hospital, i can easily come each day
to have it!Grrr makes me angry.Im going to argue with the doctors.I think me being here is more of a risk than being at home
MRSA, lung infections from lying in bed all day, risk of DVT, weakening
of muscles, depression, boredom, sleepless nights and many other
things!If there was a good reason for me being in, then i wouldn't mind, but
there doesn't seem to be.Im pissed off.
I wana research universities, start making the damn underwear, apply for
an evening class or 2, have some driving lessons
Grrrrr!Alex saville
3rd Oct 2006, 13:27   comments (4)

Yo yo yo

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Am still in hospital. I don't really understand why though?I went home for the weekend. But im back. Even tho my blood counts are
ok? And ther is really no really why i need to be in?Im going to argue my case with the doctors 2moz.Im thinking about having a go at making an animated cartoon.I need to get a usb stylus (pen) and graphics pad so i can draw on the
computer.I need maggies help!!Wher oh where and how do to make all those cool cartoons on your blog?What program do you use?Alex saville
2nd Oct 2006, 19:39   comments (6)

Blood type

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What i was confused about was thatBefore the transplant i was O+
The donor is B-So i wil now be B-.
But i thought the donor was B+, obviously not.Hehe
27th Sep 2006, 20:23   comments (5)


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I just had 2 bags of B negative stem cells.
Its weird because i swear it was B positive before?Anyway, what a nice bloke to give me his bone marrow.. Thumbs up to
him!I did a lil bit of detective work, when i the first bag was finished i
pulled some of the stickers of the front to read the stickers
And i think they maybe from IL, USA.
Is this Illinois?
Or it could just be where the bag packing company is?Well that confirms that the donor is American then.My bone marrow has flown business class, iv never flown business class.
Lucky damn cells.
Haha that reminds me, iv never been out of europe, but if you think
about it, i was in American earlier today. How odd?
27th Sep 2006, 19:08   comments (5)


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Iv just been moved to DMU (derick mitchell unit)
The isolation bit, to have the donor cells today. WooThey r apparently in the hospital right now!
They arrived on a business class flight today. Not bad huh?Il blog wen they are here.
27th Sep 2006, 16:08   comments (2)

Coke zero? Why? How? And wqho?

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Just made some toast in the ward kitchen. Steroids brings me back....
Brings back some bad habits
I used to go down to the ward kitchen and make 10 pieces of toast! In
one sitting! Hehe.
That was in october last year :) sigh.... YumAnyone.A prize to the first person who explains to me how "coke zero" is not
just "diet coke" in a new can.... And for blokes.Diet coke had brat pitt that "im here for my 11.30" advert with him
washing the windows.Now the coke zero is exactly the same. I cant seem to work it out. Just
on the coke zero advert they have blokes walking down the road
complaining about stuff like "mobiles? With those dodgy ringtones" and
stuff, and being all laddish.Please someone explain?Ps. Hehe i told mike your reply katie. He had tost and a tomato soup you
brought him up. And enjoyed it
25th Sep 2006, 22:53   comments (6)