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Hello friends. This is My "moblog". I will try to update it everyday, from my lovely hospital bed.
keep updated :) and feel free to e-mail me at I will email you back

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The man who knows.....

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I do.....
9th Oct 2006, 17:43   comments (3)

The best toy in the world

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When i was little i think i must have spent hours playing with these.
They always seem to have these in banks and doctors sugeries for the
kids.....Sooo fun.... This one is in the hospital pharmacyAlex saville
9th Oct 2006, 16:41   comments (3)

Nice cars in central london.

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Went shipping in central london today.... Spent way to much money on
books about animation and books on art nouveau motifs and stuff.I saw these cars.........
And thought you might like......I love the camper. Man that is a cool car...
Alex saville
9th Oct 2006, 16:37   comments (10)

New jacket!

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And brylcream. Hehehe
Its so long since iv had hair i decided to buy some brylcream. And then
i bought 2 other brylcream products, hehe man the mens cosmentics
departments have really started growing haven't they. So many bottles of
stuff that i have no idea what is for.
8th Oct 2006, 09:56   comments (7)

And here are some more

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Lovely members of the haemotological team!!!
6th Oct 2006, 15:25   comments (6)

And the crew together....

(viewed 2138 times)
PRRRRR UP UP UP UP UP PUP!! (Like a machine gun)
6th Oct 2006, 14:52   comments (5)

And Lallindra

(viewed 1402 times)
Haemotology Registra
6th Oct 2006, 14:52   comments (2)


(viewed 970 times)
Haemotology nurse
6th Oct 2006, 14:52   comments (3)