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Hello friends. This is My "moblog". I will try to update it everyday, from my lovely hospital bed.
keep updated :) and feel free to e-mail me at I will email you back

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Nasty nasty.Hickman line removed after a year! Sweet! Im no longer a robot! Im human
19th Oct 2006, 16:56   comments (4)

Wish me luck...

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Llalindra has just walked off to find a scalpel
19th Oct 2006, 15:41   comments (29)

the hickman line EP

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i thought it was the right time to show you a pic of the front cover of "The
Hickman Line EP" by Sound and Light... then band i was in.......
sadly we haven't done anything new since last christmas (or even played)
because of my treatment (and the bassist is at uni in edinburgh, guitarist
at oxford)but thought you might like to see theront cover...... i could upload the
songs too?
18th Oct 2006, 21:03   comments (13)

How sweet is this?

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Look this was free in a big pack of persil.Its the lil penguin from the new film happy feet (man i need to see that
film when its out, it looks sooooooo good) i love animation.First there is an egg..... Then you undo the relcro on the back and pull
it inside out....
And a lil baby penguin comes out!!
Sooooo sweetOoooo guess what?!? My hickman line (tube in my chest....) Which i have
had for over a year now, which must be like a world record (aniversary
was on the 14th of october) maybe coming out tomorrow!!!!
Dr Llalindra is going to take it out!
If it goes ahead il blog before and after
18th Oct 2006, 20:23   comments (2)


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14th Oct 2006, 15:16   comments (2)

STUD LONDON coming very soon

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Yesterday i spent about 130 quid on all of this.
Its a screen printer kit, black, white, yellow, green, blue, night glow
(glow in the dark) and pink screen printing paints.
And another silk screen for good measure.
Oooo and a lil coloured glue pen.STUD london is almost upon us all......... And the website is almost
finished too.Soon you will all be sending me money, and i will be making you all into
studs...... Sweet :)
12th Oct 2006, 14:00   comments (10)

Super pout

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9th Oct 2006, 23:29   comments (7)


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The robotic cat. I found in oxfam. Isn't he sweetAlex saville
9th Oct 2006, 22:56   comments (2)