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Hello friends. This is My "moblog". I will try to update it everyday, from my lovely hospital bed.
keep updated :) and feel free to e-mail me at I will email you back

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Bit of a scary picture

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I'm at home, i've just returned from Dulwich park.
Me and my friends had a picnic and a good game of '66.
A football (soccer) game based on the one time England won the world cup
We went to my friend Robins house yesterday evening to play a big game
of texas hold 'em poker. We all put 2 pound in the pot, and i manage to
gain a profit of ?7.50 by the end of the night, at the expense of my
Not bad huh? Felt a lil guilty though so bought them a few drinks.Alex saville
22nd Apr 2006, 19:17   comments (1)

CT scan

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Good morning all.I just had a CT scan (A lil bit like an MRI, but not). They were
scanning my torso.
They injected a dye into a canula, that they put in the back of my hand.
This dye is used by the machine to create a picture on the computer of
veins and structure within the body.
But one thing that happens when the dye is injected is you go warm all
over, strange feeling, quite pleasant i think.
You also so get a little bit extra warm around your groin, so i feels a
bit like when you wet yourself or wee yourself in a swimming pool.Hehe it was quite pleasant.
I think i'l be going home today. Then back on sunday to start the
transplant.Good fun
Alex saville
21st Apr 2006, 11:33   comments (6)

Mysterious ECG stickers

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Ha ha
I just found 2 stickers on my back, and one on my side.
This morning they must have stuck them on my to do an ECG (used to
monitor the electrical voltage at different points in the heart) while i
was under the general anaestetic.
Obviously they didn't think to take them off before i woke up (or even
tell me i had sticker on me)Cheeky doctorsAlex saville
20th Apr 2006, 21:40   comments (5)


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Evening everyone.
Sadly i haven't had any pain yet,
So i will never know what being kicked by a horse or hit by a bus is
The only thing that really hurts is my throat, where they put a tube
down it so i could breath while sedated. I guess some good has come of
it, now i have a nice husky voice :) heheAnyway i thought i would show you the 2 plasters on my back where the
doctors drain my hip of bone marrow. Not bad huh?
Because they have taken so much marrow (containing alot of blood) my
haemogloben level has dropped to 6.6. It should be between 13-18. So
they are giving me some blood, i've already had 1 bag, but am due
another bag tonight.Tomorrow i'm having a CT scan before i go home.Alex saville
20th Apr 2006, 21:09   comments (5)

Post harvist

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Hehe hi everyoneAs you can see by my picture I'm wearing hold up stockings (yes I do
feel a tad silly). They are for to stop DVT (deep vein thrombosis),
because when your under general anaestetic to aren't moving, so your
prone to blood clots.I had the harvist done in theatre
I was wheel in there in bed and there were about 15 doctors, anaestetist
and nurses buzzing round the room.
Hehe so I said "wow this really is a theatre.... and I'm the star." Then
the consultant anaestetist said "yep we are all here for you".
He then injected medazolan and a white liquid that looked like milk (I
forget the name) and said "this stuff won't knock u out, but you'l
definetly feel it"I felt my vision go a bit funny and I aid "oooo I do feel it"..... Next
thing I remember is waking up in recovery.
I had double vision for about half and hour but was so so hyper (and
hungry because your not allow to eat before having general anaestetic).
Then the consultant anaestetist walked into recovery to speak to some
one, so I took the opertunity to ask him whether he would prescribe me
some medazolan to take home with me, he laughed but didn't dignify my
question with an answer. Hehe of course he wasn't going to.And I know I meantion the horse and bus earlier, truth is a haven't had
any pain yet?? Feel kinda let down, like I haven't got my moneys worth
yet. We'l see, the pain will proberbly kick in soon.On sunday I start preparation to receive the new stem cells (my bone
marrow transplant) I will update when possibleAlex saville
20th Apr 2006, 13:12   comments (7)

Bone marrow harvist

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Hello everyone.
Its wedenesday 19th of april.
I'm sitting in hospital (bed 23, davidson ward, kings college hospital,
london). Tomorrow morning I'm having a "rainy day harvist". This is when
you are sedated, taken to theatre and 2 doctors drill into your hip and
take 20 or so syringes worth of bone marrow.
That can be about a litres worth.
Yep sounds pretty nasty.
The marrow is then frozen and stored for a "rainy day", most people
don't ever need their marrow back. But its just incase.
I'l update when I wake up from my drug induced sleep tomorrow to tell
you how much pain I'm in :) hehe.
I've heard its like being kicked by a horse. Someone else said its like
being hit by a bus (how many people survive being hit by a bus) hehe
Don't make you feel to comfortable does it?Alex saville
19th Apr 2006, 20:13   comments (12)
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