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Hello friends. This is My "moblog". I will try to update it everyday, from my lovely hospital bed.
keep updated :) and feel free to e-mail me at I will email you back

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The much sort after woody

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Alex saville
4th Jun 2006, 17:38   comments (14)

my brain

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3rd Jun 2006, 15:51   comments (18)


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This is my lil white lady cat dizzy.
She is ontop of the arch in our garden. My grandparents visited for the
day, but they used to have a dog and she thinks they still do.So when ever they come over the cats leg it.Alex saville
1st Jun 2006, 20:12   comments (23)

Cylinder of bone.. Ouch

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Alex saville
31st May 2006, 20:37   comments (23)

Screw/drill thing

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Alex saville
31st May 2006, 20:36   comments (4)

Bone marrow biop

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I had the bone marrow biopsy today.
It hurt quite alot, and i thought i was going to be sick or faint.
Basically they stick a needle through your hip into the bone marrow and
take some for analysis. Then they use a drill (pictured) to take a
cylinder on bone (pictured).
Ouch ouch ouch
They use local anaesthetic, but it still hurts. But not like anything
you can imagine. Its a pushing feeling.
Then when they pull the out the bone marrow you can feel a pulling up
your leg. Sometimes it feels like a glugging, like when your pour a
drink from a bottle.
But today it just hurt alot because the bone marrow was quite thick,
which is normal after a transplant.Alex saville
31st May 2006, 20:36   comments (3)

Goodbye hospital

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Im home! Haha
As soon as i was told i could go i packed up, my mum and my brother came
and picked me up. Haha
I didn't even wait for pharmacy to get my drugs, my parents went and
collected them later.Walkin from the room i was in, to the front entrance was so exausting,
even though it only takes about 2 minutes. My body is just tired i
My vision was really odd when i got out. Kinda felt like i was watching
a screen of what i was seeing. Kinda out of body, didn't really like
But its fine now, probably my eyes adjusting to natural light, not those
awful hospital tube lights.Haha i got home and my little white cat Dizzy smelt me and ran away.
Obviously i don't smell of me yet, i just smell of hospital. My black
cat Woody smelt me and said alot of funny cat sounds. Then he smile (by
squinting his eyes)Its good to be home.
Now to find something that is nice to eat!!Oh and i have to go back to hospital tomorrow to have a bone marrow
biopsy. Hehe i've had about 10. But it will still hurt.
You'll get a full discription tomorrowAlex saville
30th May 2006, 20:41   comments (35)


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As expected im still here. In hospital.
My neutrophils dropped a lil to 1.33.
So can't really go home today.But the doctors decided i couldn't go home before they even knew my
blood counts. They said it was so they can see if i can stomach the oral
medication that is usually given intravenously.But i know that the truth is that pharamacy will not get the medication
i need for being discharged because its a bank holiday.
Luckily the neutrophils are low so i can't go anyway, because if they
were high enough i would have been pretty angry.Me and one of the nurses went for a walk to a shop down the road.
It was weird. First time i've gone outside the hospital in 4 weeks!
When we got back, i was exausted. I fell asleep.Anyway i might make it home tomorrow.
Fingers crossed..... AgainAlex saville
29th May 2006, 18:23   comments (11)