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Hello friends. This is My "moblog". I will try to update it everyday, from my lovely hospital bed.
keep updated :) and feel free to e-mail me at I will email you back

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more of my brain

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first ones pretty scary.......last one makes me look like a monkey.... well an ape
5th Jul 2006, 20:54   comments (20)

yes its true im home

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i got out of hospital on saturday. just in time to get home and watch a
awful football match
where england were destroyed and rooney stamped on a portugal players balls.i went into hospital today, i feel alot better, other than a lil problem in
the "wee wee department"
ouch. though that should be sorted out soon. maybe its my body feeling sorry
for that poor portugal playeror maybe it wasn't even a person at all. maybe the player was a voodoo
doll..... and when stupid mr rooney stamped on his bits
the pain got sent to me.whenever i see wayne rooney next im going to give him a big slap
3rd Jul 2006, 18:06   comments (9)


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I have 1 more day on the nebulizer. Then i can think about going home.
I've been here 2 weeks now. Grrrr i hate hospital.
I've lost more weight because i've lost my appetite.Oh and im not on steroids! (That silar would think this was deeply
offencive) hehe well swollen face is cause by the blocks sinus's.Im having a bone marrow biop tomorrow. Im not looking forward to it. But
will get lorazopan (valium) before to carm me down if i like (which i
will)Its day 57 since my transplant. Been a while.Alex saville
29th Jun 2006, 18:55   comments (13)

Still here

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Yes im still in hospital.
And very fed up
The england game wasn't even any good. We will be knocked out next
round.Iv been moved...... To the lil room i moved into during my
transplant..... Because i had another NAP done, and have paraflu......
AGAIN! GrrrrSo its another 7 days at least on that stupid bloody nebulizer.
Morale is low. Im incredible pissed off.Alex saville
25th Jun 2006, 20:52   comments (15)

Guess whose in hospital again?

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I was admitted to hospital on friday, because i had a temperature. They
took blood cultures and grew stafi gloccus (spelling?) which is a chain
of round bacteria.... Well thats what the name means i think?so they
have started me on vacomicin and meropenim (spelling again?), which are
antibiotics.i had a chest x-ray and a CT scan, which showed i had a fungal chest
infection. I think the doctors are going to change my anti-fungal
medication.And i had a neuro CT scan, which showed that my synises are blocked too.
Im not quite sure the treatment for that? I think you can either give
you nose a good wash in the shower, or have a synise washout (where they
stick all manner of syringes up your nose) which i think i would rather
not have.So i guess ill be here for a about a week at least....But iv occupied myself with making a webpage for the underwear
business.CyaAlex saville
21st Jun 2006, 18:23   comments (21)


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Hello everyone.I've watched every single game of the world cup so far! Hehe
Not bad i think.
Though i haven't been impressed with england. The team i've enjoyed the
most is the ivory coast, they were excellent against argentina.I've gone in the haemotology outpatients on monday, tuesday and
wednesday this week! And have to go in tomorrow.
Man.I went to see the optomologist, because i have a blind spot right in the
middle of my vision from my left eye. And i turns out i have burst a
vessel at the back of my eye and little bit of blood is covering the
cells at the back.
This is probably because my platelet count was 4 about a week ago, so
bleeding is easy.It should heal in a few weeks.I've spent today designing a website for mine and my friend new
We dont think there are enough companies selling mens underwear, so we
are starting an underwear company. Selling womans and mens.
In our own designs ofcourse.CyaAlex saville
15th Jun 2006, 22:15   comments (17)


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Im sitting in haemotology outpatients.
Its 3.35pm, and i've been here since about 11.30!
Iv just been told i need to have platelets because my platelet count is
4. Incredibly low.
They should be between 150 and 400.This basically means if i were to start bleeding then it would be very
hard to stop.. Like with the nose bleeds i was having.And guess what? The platelets won't be here till 7pm! Argh. Because they
come from another place in london.And guess what? The world cup starts at about that time!!!! I need to
watch the football. So i guess i'l be bringing a mini tele in with me.
Alex saville
9th Jun 2006, 15:59   comments (16)


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This is me in the garden yesterday on the internet, what a life.Yes my blog seems to have become a cat blog. Everyone is cat blogging!
Though i must admit woody looks pretty comfy.Im sitting in HOP (haemotology outpatients) waiting to have some blood
test done. Its taking forever.
Then i have to wait for results.
Ok result have come and haemoglobin is 8.0 so they have ordered me 2
units of blood. They take about 2 hours each! Maybe they will give them
to me tomorrow instead.
Alex saville
5th Jun 2006, 13:18   comments (7)