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Hello friends. This is My "moblog". I will try to update it everyday, from my lovely hospital bed.
keep updated :) and feel free to e-mail me at I will email you back

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Aztec chameleon

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I did an aztec version of mr. Chameleon.Alex saville
30th Jul 2006, 20:35   comments (4)

Recoloured in

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Alex saville
30th Jul 2006, 20:30   comments (1)

The chamelean

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Without the colours
Alex saville
30th Jul 2006, 10:50   comments (5)

Look what i drew in hospital

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Its a chameleon.
Its an idea for a tattoo. Even though im not allow one yet, gotta wait
till iv had my jabs again.Think it cool?I dont know if iv mentioned but i am now a chimera.
Because i have cells blood cells with someone elses DNA (the bone marrow
donors) and slowly over a long period of time most of the cells in my
body will become the donors cells. Because most cells are made from stem
cells, which are made in the bone marrow.
Thats pretty cool.
The word chimera is greek. Its a mythical beast. With the head of a
lion, goat and dragon. And tail with a snakes head on.Alex saville
27th Jul 2006, 17:59   comments (18)

Dans l'hopital

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HiIm in haemotology outpatients today.
Having 2 units of blood and 2 units of platelets.The doctors have decided to ween me of cyclosporin (an
immunosuppressant) coz its not very good for the kidneys. And because
being on it is preventing me getting rid of the paraflu i have.Im happy coz its pretty horrible stuff. But this does mean i may be at
risk to GVH (graft vesus host) disease. But we'll see
Alex saville
27th Jul 2006, 17:13   comments (7)


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22nd Jul 2006, 21:20   comments (0)

stud london

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almost herecheck out not finished yet but soon underwear will be availablewoooo
22nd Jul 2006, 21:18   comments (0)


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thought some of you might like to see this......i don/'t quite know what is wrong with this cat.
21st Jul 2006, 18:58   comments (4)