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Hello friends. This is My "moblog". I will try to update it everyday, from my lovely hospital bed.
keep updated :) and feel free to e-mail me at I will email you back

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Im sorry teea the finnish nurse says that she wont let me take a photo
today coz she is wearing glasses, not contact lenses.
Tho i think the glasses are pretty nice.So here is a photo of one of my doctors gordon. Hes a cool guy (duno if
hes what puddle puff was looking for, but he'll have to do)Alex saville
31st Aug 2006, 12:35   comments (9)

Long long day

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Im sitting in haemotology outpatients. Have to have 2 units of blood and
2 pools of platelets. Thats should keep me busy for the next 5 hours.
How boring?Alex saville
31st Aug 2006, 12:09   comments (8)

i got a degree

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for maggie
28th Aug 2006, 12:03   comments (4)


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23rd Aug 2006, 17:42   comments (4)


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Hey everyoneSorry for no blog.
I was in swanage on the english south coast camping.Well I got 2 nights camping then
we were guna stay at my friends uncles house in christchurch (so we could
go sailing)But when we got there on Friday I felt sick, and had a temperature 0f 39.6
So called the ambulance.....
I was taken to bournemouth hospital, and stayed there for 5 nights
I just got home:(I haven't had a holiday I so long, this holiday I spent longer in hospital
than I did on holidaygrrrrrr
23rd Aug 2006, 16:16   comments (6)

Now i have a bracelet too

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Hehe its another bit of "blood blig" from hospital.
Monkey finger, you like?Hehe
Alex saville
4th Aug 2006, 12:50   comments (9)

Jean Paul Gout. Eat your heart out

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4th Aug 2006, 10:21   comments (7)

Like my necklace??? Its my blood type

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My new necklace (made by myself) in haemotology outpatients today.I was having a bag of blood and noticed that there is a little bit of blood
line that is never used! What a waste.
It is self contained and sealed at both ends so I just got the nurse to cut
it of for meSo I tied it round my neck.... It's a tube filled with 0+ red blood cells
(the same dna as some that are now swimming round my body)I think I could maybe market this idea.... Like necklaces and bracelets and
keyrings with blood that is your blood type it.Hehe.
3rd Aug 2006, 21:15   comments (9)