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Nemo will be playing gigs around Europe this month, and we want you to help document our travels.
Take pictures of Nemo onstage, after the gigs, posters and flyers, the band out and about--anything you can think of related to Nemo!

To send pictures and video clips to this moblog: Just MMS (picture message) or email your images to:
Add a title in the 'subject' field and add info about the photo in the body of the message (don't forget to include your name!).

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Nemo at the zoo...

(viewed 611 times)
on a day off in Berlin visiting the elephants...x
10th Jun 2007, 22:38   comments (0)

nemo @ white trash - 6th june 2007

(viewed 809 times)
Yahoo! Messenger - kostenlos* mit Familie und Freunden von PC zu PC telefonieren.
10th Jun 2007, 12:49   comments (0)

jamie @ rosis club - 7th june 2007

(viewed 1050 times)
Kennt man wirklich jeden ?ber 3 Ecken? Die Antworten gibt's bei Yahoo! Clever.
10th Jun 2007, 12:48   comments (0)

nemo @ magnet club - 8th june 2007

Besseren Schutz gegen Spam - jetzt bei dem neuen Yahoo! Mail .
10th Jun 2007, 12:47   comments (0)

kev @ magnet club

(viewed 612 times)
10th Jun 2007, 11:04   comments (0)

milan and jamie @ rosis club

(viewed 616 times)
10th Jun 2007, 11:03   comments (0)

james @ magnet club

(viewed 615 times)
i'll post more soon.... denise xx
10th Jun 2007, 11:00   comments (0)

spreading at rosis club, berlin

(viewed 599 times)
10th Jun 2007, 10:57   comments (0)