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Nemo will be playing gigs around Europe this month, and we want you to help document our travels.
Take pictures of Nemo onstage, after the gigs, posters and flyers, the band out and about--anything you can think of related to Nemo!

To send pictures and video clips to this moblog: Just MMS (picture message) or email your images to:
Add a title in the 'subject' field and add info about the photo in the body of the message (don't forget to include your name!).

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Looking forward to next weeks dates

(viewed 1812 times)
See you there! Em x
Find the best and worst places on the planet
19th Jul 2008, 12:48   comments (0)

The new tour van?

(viewed 1432 times)
wonder where they got this logo from?

I think they should ask Citroen to sponsor them......

Lisa xx
4th Jun 2008, 22:26   comments (0)

Nemo at Bournemouth Ibar 19th May 08

(viewed 1926 times)
Such a high tech venue, far too much time was spent at the jukebox....

Tam x

28th May 2008, 12:26   comments (0)


(viewed 1639 times)
hey i got like three photos that came out okay as the lighting at southend was rubbish and only good light was on otherside.
well i'd love to have the chance to photograph you again.

check my flickr out
hope my glasses came in handy btw :)

my name is Eve Power & im from Oxford.

i have bigger files but they take ages to send so easy just to remove of my flickr.thanks you guys are amazing :) and you all look very hansome in your jeans.



All new Live Search at
24th May 2008, 21:54   comments (0)

Nemo in Berlin

White Trash Diamond lounge29th March 2008 Thats enough of them glowing in Halle, lets get some better shots... well, sort of!
Em x
5th Apr 2008, 11:43   comments (0)

Nemo in Halle

Drushba Tanzklub
28th March 2008

Fun times boys!
Em xx
5th Apr 2008, 11:26   comments (0)

Nemo on tour in Stuttgart and Rorschach

Introducing the lovely Gunther... I just couldn't resist the antlers shot...

and check out the girl worshipping at the feet of the glowing Kev - for some
reason, she got naked later, we don't understand why.


Lisa xx
20th Mar 2008, 20:00   comments (0)

Yet another 'side project'....

(viewed 1595 times)

Free games, great prizes - get gaming at Gamesbox.


by tundra_girl
8th Jan 2008, 16:38   comments (0)
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