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Presenting lighting, theatre and weather: formerly from the hills of Yorkshire, with bits and pieces of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and trips to Edinburgh; when the music stops, where will neel end up?
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Human Pong!

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It was dark: my phone's not a movie camera. Consequently, this is a little low on detail.

The solid circles are the 'footballs', and the larger hollow balls belong to each player. The IR camera tracks your hotspots (usually face and hands) and draws the circles onto the projection. This means you can push the footballs by rushing at them, throwing a punch or nudging with your bum. This version of the game keeps score of the football collisions with each side, adds a ball every ten goals and resets at fifty.

Different people are differently warm, and your ball control varies accordingly. The idea of this is to get people involved with the artwork: once you get used to rushing around, playing inside the screen, it's difficult to get people to stop.
3rd Mar 2005, 20:23   comments (0)

The Hand Moves

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Here's that pretty projection lighting in exciting some-frames-per-second movieness. This might even be my first movie clip posted!

This isn't anything to do with Dancing In The Streets - it's just the desktop background of the laptop running the system, and a parcan sat at the side. Pretty, though.
3rd Mar 2005, 20:12   comments (0)

Projection Fun

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This is part of KMA's Dancing In The Streets project, which uses computer-controlled projection generated from a thermal imaging camera. All sorts of interactive fun and wonderful visuals, the most exhausting of which is a life-sized game of pong.

The technical wiggles are done using Flash-esque scripting in Director, or something. KMA's website has some toys which bear a little similarity to the methods that will be used in the "kinetic light sculpture" to be unveiled on a York street on the 11th of March.
3rd Mar 2005, 20:06   comments (3)


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Am I headed into the world of theatre, or just down the bog?
3rd Mar 2005, 17:53   comments (0)


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It's not a jellyfish, but it certainly looks like one at the moment. This is the main bit of set for our collaborative dance project - it's a twice-as-large-as-normal shower curtain. The light looks quite gorgeous through it.
3rd Mar 2005, 13:22   comments (1)


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Up in the rigging of the Performance Centre's Studio. It's dusty up there.
2nd Mar 2005, 12:24   comments (0)

Refectory Blues

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The refec' is a veritable goldmine of lighting opportunities.
1st Mar 2005, 20:22   comments (0)


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Another day sidles to a close. What kind of day has it been?
1st Mar 2005, 17:53   comments (0)