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Presenting lighting, theatre and weather: formerly from the hills of Yorkshire, with bits and pieces of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and trips to Edinburgh; when the music stops, where will neel end up?
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Uh Oh

(viewed 681 times)
Back at the ranch, and a nice pint.

But I drank water!
12th Mar 2005, 13:35   comments (2)

SquareDance (clip)

(viewed 625 times)
The squares are one of the nicest parts of the installation to interact with. They're really responsive to individuals and a large mass of people on it makes a shifting, rippling surface.
12th Mar 2005, 13:23   comments (0)

Break That Dance! (clip)

(viewed 715 times)
A group of breakdancers were also supposed to perform at the launch, but they didn't have any music. Shame, 'cos the stuff they opened-up afterwards was pretty good, even though the cold flagstones weren't too friendly.
12th Mar 2005, 13:16   comments (0)

Behind The Scenes

(viewed 613 times)
Upstairs in the coffee shop where the gubbins is installed, the walls are plastered with performance charts.
12th Mar 2005, 13:10   comments (0)

BodyBall (clip)

(viewed 597 times)
Even once the initial buzz had worn off and people went back inside to get more free booze there was always someone playing with the installation - especially BodyBall.

Here you can see the way that moving into the puck pushes it away.

I got beat by a little girl.
12th Mar 2005, 13:06   comments (0)

The Magic

(viewed 610 times)
The clip shows what the infra-red camera (military spec!) picks up, and how it turns that into the different elements to project in the Pong game. I keep calling it Pong, but it's more like football. Or handball. It's BodyBall, actually.
12th Mar 2005, 13:01   comments (0)

Elastic Fantastic

(viewed 652 times)
The Elastic Band goes crazy when it tries to connect between too many people!
12th Mar 2005, 12:55   comments (0)


(viewed 521 times)
With the dance finished (I was taking real pictures of that which will find their way into href="" title="Lighting Design by Neil E. Hobbs">notlikecalvin) people started using their own little pools of illumination to explore a map of olde Yorke.
12th Mar 2005, 12:42   comments (0)