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Presenting lighting, theatre and weather: formerly from the hills of Yorkshire, with bits and pieces of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and trips to Edinburgh; when the music stops, where will neel end up?
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21st Mar 2005, 00:19   comments (3)

More Power!

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In the Wine Spillage Incident we covered that area of the carpet in salt, and then (thanks to extremely unhelpful instructions from the internets) rubbed it in. This had the effect of really making sure that the salt absorbed all the red wine, turning it a sort of grey-pink colour - but it also ground the salt fairly heavily into the carpet fibres.

Our usual block hoover is rubbish, it hardly sucks at all (so, ironically, it sucks a lot). But Bilbo upstairs has acquired a Dyson DC01, and we thought that would be able to handle the job.

The Dyson picked up the looser stuff, and then spread it around the rest of the room: hugely useful. Meanwhile, there's still a ton of salt ground into the wine-spill area. I found that the only tool that was any good at scraping it out was a small scrubbing brush, and that would get clogged up with salt after a bit.

So we got the ultimate in suction power: the cleaners' hoover! Lots of watts of commercial vacuuming power!

The spillage area is now just a little bit of a lighter shade than the rest of the carpet. I'll give it another scraping in a couple of days. What a wonderful learning experience it's been!
20th Mar 2005, 23:28   comments (39)

Negative Equity

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Obvious, but damn pretty.
20th Mar 2005, 17:02   comments (9)


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More negative.
20th Mar 2005, 16:21   comments (6)


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Upright Motive No.9, Henry Moore, 1979, Bronze (details)

Close up, these sorts of sculptures have masses of detail etched into them. It's hard to know if these textures are an intentional part of the design or simply a product of the process. But it's interesting to think that Mr Moore himself made every little nick and imperfection in these pieces.
20th Mar 2005, 16:15   comments (0)


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Upright Motive No.9, Henry Moore, 1979, Bronze

I've not snapped this one before, as it's a little bit off the beaten track. It seems quite lonely.
20th Mar 2005, 16:02   comments (0)

Rooted To The Spot

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Yeah, I know: I'm repeating myself. But I live among trees and sculptures. Go figure.
20th Mar 2005, 15:48   comments (3)


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Two Large Forms, Henry Moore, 1970, Bronze
20th Mar 2005, 15:15   comments (13)