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Presenting lighting, theatre and weather: formerly from the hills of Yorkshire, with bits and pieces of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and trips to Edinburgh; when the music stops, where will neel end up?
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Mixed Grille

(viewed 560 times)
Have I spelt that right? Is it a radiator grille or grill?
30th Mar 2005, 18:43   comments (2)


(viewed 640 times)
This lovely old bus ferried people between St George's Quay and other events out at Glasson Dock. Not very maritime, but who cares.
30th Mar 2005, 18:40   comments (3)

Egging (clip)

(viewed 878 times)
Lancaster has its own weird Easter ritual thing: The Pace-Egg Play.

This is the end bit, where they ask for money, eggs or beer. They prefer beer.
30th Mar 2005, 18:34   comments (12)

The Death Of Nelson (clip)

(viewed 548 times)
Bad gags and course acting from the Fair.
30th Mar 2005, 18:27   comments (2)


(viewed 738 times)
Calm down, ladies. They might promise a King's ransom in return for accepting the King's shilling, but pretty much all of that gets spent on uniform, boots, rifle, etc.

And the Press Gang's a whole other worry: always a good idea to have a glass-bottomed tankard for your ale.
30th Mar 2005, 18:02   comments (5)

Fair Play

(viewed 549 times)
The Trafalgar Victory Fair, now part of the Maritime (not the Georgian) Festival: they squished the two together and put it over one weekend to save money, but this is the last one by all accounts.

The thing with the barrels outside on the left is Pilling Dick's Cabinet of Curiosities, then there's sundry goods, vegetable and fruit stalls. Out of shot are lots of small theatre tents, the Tavern of Temperance, Punch & Judy, etc.

I was the fruit seller one year. Then I got promoted.

Lancaster has a strong maritime tradition, and the festival is mainly about sea-shanties, singalongs, beer and sailors. Probably talking about the earlier 1800's, actually.
30th Mar 2005, 17:55   comments (0)


(viewed 535 times)
This is Lancaster's old Customs House, on St George's Quay. Now it's one of the bits of the Maritime Museum.

Designed by Richard Gillow (the Lancaster cabinet maker) it's one of our top-quality pieces of Georgian architecture. The Museum was in use over the weekend as part of the 17th Lancaster Maritime Festival, itself probably the last gasp of the city's famed historical re-enactments.
30th Mar 2005, 17:39   comments (2)

A Tight Squeeze

(viewed 497 times)
This is Lancaster's Bashful Alley, just off the high street. Probably means something rude.
30th Mar 2005, 17:25   comments (4)