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Presenting lighting, theatre and weather: formerly from the hills of Yorkshire, with bits and pieces of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and trips to Edinburgh; when the music stops, where will neel end up?
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Munich 32: iPod Attack

(viewed 737 times)
On the coach home. And that's the end of that chapter.
1st Jun 2005, 01:21   comments (1)

Munich 31: At The Airport

(viewed 680 times)
Rather cool, nicely-lit seating area thing which was trying to convince
me to spend money in some way. Audi chassis hanging from the roof. Nice
1st Jun 2005, 01:21   comments (0)

Munich 30: Station

(viewed 757 times)
Feldmoching Station on Wednesday morning, waiting for the S-bahn train
up to Flughafen and the airport.
1st Jun 2005, 01:20   comments (3)

Munich 29: Highly Amusing

(viewed 692 times)
Ah, packaging.
1st Jun 2005, 01:20   comments (1)

Munich 28: Streets

(viewed 687 times)
It was really sunny on Tuesday evening. I didn't want to leave.
1st Jun 2005, 01:19   comments (0)

Munich 27: Wandering

(viewed 697 times)
I went for a wander around, knowing that it was my last chance to see a
bit of Munich that wasn't in the conference schedule. What mainly
annoyed me about Munich was its complete flatness: no hills equals a
lack of understanding about the geography in my brain. And it's also
really dull. That's the central train station in the second picture,
and there was a film shoot going on in the street in the third: they
were using an ARRI Daylight 18/12 and a big piece of diffusion to
create a bright, even field.
1st Jun 2005, 00:44   comments (0)

Munich 26: Close (To The Edit)

(viewed 706 times)
The conference wrapped up, and most retired to the bar next door.
Nobody wanted to take off their lanyards just yet.
1st Jun 2005, 00:43   comments (0)

Munich 25: Wraps

(viewed 844 times)
That's Richard Pilbrow, don't'cha know.

Ryan from Stanford accidentally haloed.

Hmm - that sign's familiar.
1st Jun 2005, 00:41   comments (3)