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Presenting lighting, theatre and weather: formerly from the hills of Yorkshire, with bits and pieces of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and trips to Edinburgh; when the music stops, where will neel end up?
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Latest From The 'Box

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We have a little modelbox lighting rig, which uses birdies. Downside is that they can only be on/off, and the birdies can't be focused in any way besides the direction they're pointing in.

So these two shots were set up in our Lighting lab: the thin strip of light is from a shuttered-in Strand SL profile at about 60%, and it's exactly the sort of effect that the modelbox rig can't produce.

What. The. Frack?

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Is it just me, or are there too many different types of train ticket these days?

I mean, what?
14th Mar 2006, 23:57   | tags:,,comments (3)

Do You Sea? Do You Sea?

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It's getting there.

Carpentry And Box-Stuff

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Tiny wooden groynes.
Tiny wooden barrels.
Tiny shiny beach.


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Various bits of Hepworth's The Family of Man, Nelly, and a slightly snowified Frink.

Evenin' All

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Macro Quavers.
The way home.
11th Mar 2006, 01:08   comments (0)

Yet More From The 'Box

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It continues... paper tissues work better than tracing paper for the skysheet, and I'm quite liking the polyfilla beach. I'll have to wait and see how my samples turn out before I make it shiny, though.

Lunchtime Update

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So today I textured my stage area with polyfilla, and I've made a better screen for the sky. Now I'm going to work on smallenising the lanterns, which will be tricky.

It's not yellow at all, the phonecam just went that way for some reason.