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\(^ ^ ) My name is Yuba. I'm a 23 year old teacher and freelance translator living in Tokyo, Japan. Sometimes I model. Sometimes I sleep. A lot of the time, I take photos of what I'm about to eat. Yum yum yum!

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Saw this in the supermarket today and loved it. What a cute explanation of a venus fly-trap! They've called it something like a "fly-eat-a-saurus", and the little speech bubble on the left is saying, "I'm a crocodile-like fly-eating plant!" So cute. I wish it really did look like the drawings, though.

Back to the park

I wandered to the park again after work. It was stinking hot, this time, instead of raining - and there were turtles everywhere!! Just looking at the photo of the treetops, you really wouldn't think that I was taking these in central Tokyo.

Oh Japan #1

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What can I say? I like the customer name on this receipt.

Delicious :)

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Bubble tea! I got the colourful tapioca variety, though you can't really tell... In any case, this was caramel-milk base. Delicious. I'll definitely be going back again...

Hello, Numabukuro

It's lovely and sunny today here in Tokyo. Too hot to stay out for too long, though, so I just snapped some pictures while walking home. :)


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The weather is still shitty in Tokyo, but at least it gives me pretty things to take photos of.

Going to the park in the rain..

This awesome park is on the walk to/from my new workplace. It's amazing to think that you can find something like this in central Tokyo. The weather's been bad, today, but you can take an easy guess where I'll be spending my time after work when it's sunny! ...That said, I am a little disturbed by those signs. XD

Warabi mochi~

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Delicious warabi mochi. My favourite Japanese-style dessert! This is the obvious difference between store-bought, packaged warabi mochi and fresh-made from a restaurant. I was super-impressed with the crockery in the restaurant, even if I made a fair mess of it!
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