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Hello all!

One of the guys at work uses this place so i thought id give it a whirl!

More to come.......
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"Your powers are weak old man"
12th Jul 2006, 15:50   comments (1)


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12th Jul 2006, 15:47   comments (0)

My Dad

(viewed 458 times)
This is my dad. He's ace but completely nuts.
12th Jul 2006, 15:41   comments (0)


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At a BBQ at Overlords a while ago, he did his awesome Fonzie impression.
12th Jul 2006, 15:37   comments (2)


(viewed 480 times)
Los Angeles gets so hot it begins to melt and bend!
12th Jul 2006, 15:31   comments (0)


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Captains log star date 3974.5 it appears these 21 century humans idolised a man named 'Shatner' it seems he was truly awesome'
12th Jul 2006, 15:24   comments (0)


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Martin Scorsese's star...... i like his films.
12th Jul 2006, 15:18   comments (0)


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Not only did i drop my bag but managed to cut my thumb as i retrieved the shattered remains!
12th Jul 2006, 15:06   comments (0)