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hi ya.
my name is naomi.I live in Osaka,Japan.
i gave birth baby boy named ARATA in 11/February/2009.
I write here about my ordinary days and about my baby boy.

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2th anniversary

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november 15 is our marrdge anniversary.
we were married 2years ago.
my hasband gave me beautiful flower.i was so happy.
he is not sweet usually.but sometimes,so sweet.
29th Nov 2007, 09:58   comments (0)


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i didn't write diary.
long time.
and i forgot my password :(
28th Nov 2007, 04:18   comments (2)

Summer Sonic pre orpning party!!!

i went to the unofficial summer sonic opening pre party on friday.
i go to there every year.
A lot of artist and rock fans come there.
it's so exciting and thrilling.
i saw,motor heads,kasabian,the holloways,enter shikari.
i had the photograph taken together with Tom,and Sergeo of kasabian!!!
my friend Ikuno is sergeo's big fan.Sergeo kissed her hand! ;D
they are so cool. they looks like model.
Sergeo wore the shirt of the pink of the material witch is
transparent by a strange pattern.haha.
it was still very smart. beautiiful face.
Tom put big glasses.he was so cute.
he has held my shoulder firmly when i taken a photograph with him.
and i meet Alfie of the holloways.
i like the holloways!
when i meet would like most,is Matt. i wrote a letter to him.
coz,i can't speak English well,so never talk him my mind.
so, i wrote a letter to him,,i love Bloc party,and your drum,and your
so cool and more.
i have to say thanks so much to him.

but, he was not coming!! so sad.

but, it was great night.
i enjoyed
13th Aug 2007, 05:48   comments (2)


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we enjoyed fireworks.
6th Aug 2007, 15:36   comments (0)

i back to my home

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my nephew.
my young sister's sun.he is 4yeas old.
i love him.;)
5th Aug 2007, 14:55   comments (2)

i like swiming

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today.i went to swiming.
i like swiming. and my favorite wear is adidas.
4th Aug 2007, 16:14   comments (0)

Indian Curry

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Today's meal is Indian Curry.
i watched the jamie oliver's tv show.
i like him.
so i made it by jamie's recipie.
it's taste good ;)
and very beautiful color.vivid orange.
3rd Aug 2007, 17:41   comments (2)

it's so nice

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yap.i finished work.
i meet my friend Ai.
she is so lovery ;P

japanese sign
it's mean.i spend own time with my friend.
it's nice. ;)
2nd Aug 2007, 08:25   comments (0)