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I'm in Leeds. Where most of these pictures are taken, shockingly. They're all taken with my mobile phone (currently a HTC Hero); photos from different cameras go on flickr :)

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1: Boule de neige (aka snowball) flowering. This is the rose we put on
top of our cat when we buried her.
2: Vanishing points. Love 'em.
1st Jun 2007, 15:52   comments (3)

Oh, well.

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Didn't get in. Pah.
1st Jun 2007, 15:50   comments (3)


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It feels like it was years and years ago when I submitted this picture
(the one in the photo, which is a little meta- ) to the Royal Academy
for inclusion in the Summer Exhibition.

Tomorrow, I find out whether it was good enough to be accepted.

Yes, I am a little bit twitchy.
31st May 2007, 12:51   comments (3)


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Aha, so it's all part of Situation Leeds...
17th May 2007, 16:31   comments (11)

Fetish statues

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Normally, these are a couple of bronzes of people playing petanque.
Today, it appears that they're plastic fetishists.
17th May 2007, 08:56   comments (5)

Cardiff museum

(viewed 1741 times)
A model of a basking shark which really put the wind up me, I can tell
8th May 2007, 10:40   comments (1)

Leeds station

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Been a while since I got on a train, certainly one so early in the
morning... but I had to go to Cardiff.
8th May 2007, 10:22   comments (6)

Messing about

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I just tried a "local equalise" thing in Photopaint and it came up with
this.I quite like the effect.
20th Apr 2007, 09:29   comments (16)