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I'm in Leeds. Where most of these pictures are taken, shockingly. They're all taken with my mobile phone (currently a HTC Hero); photos from different cameras go on flickr :)

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Shiny pillar

(viewed 703 times)
On the banks of the Aire.
3rd Apr 2008, 10:44   comments (4)


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Sometimes I miss the days of VMS-driven ATMs.
28th Mar 2008, 09:36   comments (4)


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The Accumulator, at the soon-to-be-demolished Leeds International Pool.
18th Mar 2008, 09:20   comments (11)


(viewed 686 times)
Manchester Museum of Art.
17th Mar 2008, 12:59   comments (3)

Clearing phone out #2

(viewed 571 times)
#1: Paintbrushes at Salt's Mill
#2: Concrete wall outside of the Clarendon Wing.
8th Feb 2008, 16:48   comments (0)

Clearing out phone #1

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I've been very lax about posting to Moblog recently. I take photos, and
then forget to upload them. Bad me.

#1: Anthony McCall at the Serpentine.
#2: Windscreen frost on one of those brilliant mornings which, alas,
involve going to werk.
8th Feb 2008, 16:48   comments (4)


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Merry-go-round at the Leeds German Markets.
20th Dec 2007, 15:48   comments (2)

Cleaning phone out

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I've been clearing my phone out. A 1Gb holds a lot of photos! Anyway,
these are all oldies I meant to post at the time and never got 'round
1st Oct 2007, 11:24   comments (9)