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Avoiding doing the day job

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I'm in Leeds. Where most of these pictures are taken, shockingly. They're all taken with my mobile phone (currently a HTC Hero); photos from different cameras go on flickr :)

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The luminarium is coming back to town!

28th Jul 2004, 08:42   comments (5)

Woodhouse moor

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Woodhouse Moor, yesterday. I used to walk this path every day, until I
moved into the industrial wastes of South Leeds. It links Studentville
with the University, and is one of the busiest pedestrian routes in
Leeds which doesn't involve shopping. I miss it, on days like this.

22nd Jul 2004, 09:09   comments (1)


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This past fortnight has been a joy of not being in work. In order to ease myself back into it I've gone to do some gardening...

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9th Jul 2004, 17:17   comments (0)


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I went home at lunchtime to pick up some paperwork. I don't often get a
chance to see the garden in daylight, so I took the opportunity to take
some badly composed and blurry pictures.

The strawberry was tasty, though.

25th Jun 2004, 15:39   comments (3)

Wandering around at lunchtime

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Wandering around town while waiting for some film, I snapped
these with the 'phone.

1. Outside the Art Gallery
2. People playing chess. Big chess. Those things weigh a ton.

22nd Jun 2004, 14:01   comments (11)

Fountains in City Square

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they don't often turn the fountains on, so of course they do so on a day it's been bucketing down...

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21st Jun 2004, 18:46   comments (13)

Dick van Dyke - scared.

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Chimmeys - or should that be chimnenies - next to work.

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14th Jun 2004, 18:53   comments (10)

La plage 'sandsend'

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The tide was just on the turn.
the weather looked grim when we got there, but brightened up fairly sharpish.
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13th Jun 2004, 15:44   comments (0)