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I'm in Leeds. Where most of these pictures are taken, shockingly. They're all taken with my mobile phone (currently a HTC Hero); photos from different cameras go on flickr :)

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I wish

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From a framework in St. Mary's; little messages on pieces of fabric tied
and wrapped wherever there is space. I applaud the sentiment.
1st Sep 2008, 10:18   comments (1)

St Mary's, York.

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There's an installation in St Mary's in York called "The Memory of
Place". It's worth a look.
1st Sep 2008, 10:17   comments (1)


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At the Leeds Donkey Sanctuary open day.
28th Jul 2008, 09:20   comments (8)


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Taken yesterday. Looks like summer part two has arrived.
9th Jun 2008, 09:18   comments (5)

Perils of Polish

(viewed 842 times)
This is what happens when you're polishing stuff on a lathe and you're
standing too close. Thank goodness for goggles!
9th Jun 2008, 09:14   comments (4)

Leetle Blue Figures

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Seen on Campus. I'm assuming it's an end-of-year exam piece, but it
could be anything.
16th May 2008, 14:57   comments (6)

Joy upon joy.

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In today's post was this.
1st May 2008, 12:53   comments (11)

Outside Leeds City Art Gallery

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Made me laugh, and I wanted to photograph it before the rain washed it
18th Apr 2008, 10:29   comments (4)