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I'm in Leeds. Where most of these pictures are taken, shockingly. They're all taken with my mobile phone (currently a HTC Hero); photos from different cameras go on flickr :)

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Eden 3

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13th Jul 2005, 15:26   comments (0)

Eden 2

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13th Jul 2005, 13:11   comments (2)

Eden project

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Nice in here today.
13th Jul 2005, 13:03   comments (0)

Beer! Babies!

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Why do babies find beer so attractive?
2nd Jul 2005, 19:48   comments (0)

Inside my head.

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I'm clearing out my office and came across some MRI scans of my brains from a years-old research project. Proof there's something in there!
1st Jul 2005, 14:14   comments (1)


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1st Jul 2005, 09:47   comments (0)


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A somewhat peculiar self-portrait captured this morning in a shop
27th Jun 2005, 08:38   comments (0)


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Leeds cathedral, if you didn't know about it, looks like a normal
parish church. The Leeds Parish Church looks like a cathedral, and the
number of people who I've told to meet me at one who have gone to the
27th Jun 2005, 08:35   comments (10)