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Artist of the month Feb/10 David Hope

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Taken from
Daybreak Someplace
One of Ireland's hottest songwriters David Hope has embarked another chapter of music for our listening pleasure and this seven track EP is at the peak of fine Irish folk music, from the first song "See the Ghost" spilling out some pure folk blues and foot tapping melodies to the serenity of track 3 "Trying to Remember" with it's simple chord structures and mood shifting lyrics,to finishing off the EP with "When we were Kings" full of beautiful lyrics wrapped in a soft sound, this has to be the finest chapter in David's music career.
Review by T.Halpin


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Artist of the month Nov/09

"Over Again Single Review"

After the release of their Debut single Nostalgia Froud have been getting some interest from the US and this would not surprise me as their new Single Over Again has a pure vintage slow rock theme to its melody with soft acoustic guitar and cracking lyrics you will have to get the lighters waving in the air for this track, excellent stuff.

Review by T.Halpin

RANK: ****** 6 out of 6
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Artist of the month

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Nell Bryden Interview

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Nell Bryden Interview

Laura- Can you tell me a bit about how you grew up and how music was an influence in your life?

Nell- I was around music from a very early age - my mother is a classical
singer and was taking me on tour with her for the various chamber
music groups she sang with. I went to South America, all over the
US, and into Europe with her too. It meant that I never really
questioned WHETHER I would go into music, just HOW I would do it. I
started on cello for about 12 years, then moved to study classical
voice and jazz, and eventually realized I wanted to write my own
songs so I picked up guitar. I found rock and roll on my own - that
was my rebellion.

Laura- It’s a really interesting story about how you were able to
afford to start touring professionally, can you explain to our readers what happened?

Nell- Well I was already out there touring non-stop, but I hit a wall
financially and had to move home for a bit. My father is a painter,
very talented, his name is Lewis Bryden. He has an attic filled with
his paintings and one day I was poking around in there, and was drawn
to a particularly dusty box sitting in the back. I pulled out a
painting that wasn't one of my father's - it was a Milton Avery, a
name I recognized from my art history class in college. It turns out
it was a picture my parents had gotten for me when I was a baby, but
then had forgotten about it and never told me, until I found it and
sold it at Sotheby's for a small fortune.

Laura- What response have you been getting in America since the release of your first album ‘Second time around’?

Nell- America is a huge place. I get a good response from the cities, and
from the areas in the South and West where the types of music I love
come from - like bluegrass and blues and soul music. After playing
for the troops in Iraq, there started to be families back home that
would find out about me from their husbands or wives serving
overseas. But touring in the States is an entirely different
situation from a place like Ireland, where word of mouth reaches the
outer towns much faster and you can drive the length of the country
in a day (even if it's a LONG day!)

Laura- You got the chance to perform for the American soldiers in Iraq,
which was astonishing, how did that gig come about and how were you feeling that day?

Nell- I was playing South By Southwest, the music conference in Austin
Texas, when a Colonel came up to me and told me that where I was
really needed was in front of the troops in Iraq. I'd never had any
experience with the military, never had even been in support of the
war even, but when I thought about it I realized that bringing music
to people far from home was the least I could do. I'd probably end
up getting more out of it than the troops! I was a little
apprehensive about going into a war zone, but I live in New York, was
there on September 11th 2001, and I know that anything can happen at
any time so you might as well follow your heart and get out there.
Staying in my bedroom and wondering "what if?" would be much harder
in the long run.

Laura- You’ve been touring the world over the past year, appearing on
radio shows and television stations across the globe it must have been a surreal
experience and I’m sure you have met plenty of famous people.
Who were you lucky to meet?

Nell- I met Gok Wan on the BBC Breakfast show, he was fun. Also I opened
for the Counting Crows, and loved the guys in that band. We got
along very well. KT Tunstall also let me do support for her - she is
a consummate professional. Enya and Pete Doherty were on the Late
Late Show the night I was too. And living in New York, you see
celebrities all the time. Sarah Jessica Parker lives down the street
from me. The supermodel Gisele is often in my gym, and my guy
friends always want play-by-play stories of her in the locker room.
Nothing doing, boys.

Laura- Also you were on the Late Late show in Dublin back in February. And performed a gig in Crawdaddy's, which I’m pleased to say I was there for!
Are you happy to be in Ireland again?

Nell- Very happy. It's like my adopted homeland now. I fell in love with
it the first time I came three years ago, and this is my seventh time
here now. The sense of humor here is very much like mine, sarcastic
and taking the piss a lot. People generally take themselves too
seriously in my line of work. I like how the Irish are always
rooting for the underdog.

Laura- Now the release of your new album is coming up, can you tell me
what its called and what people are to expect from you on this record?

Nell- The new album is called "What Does It Take," in shops around the
country now. It's produced by David Kershenbaum, who worked with
Tracy Chapman on her "Fast Car" single and album, and Joe Jackson's
"Stepping Out." I love old style music, and people like Adel or Amy
Winehouse are very inspiring because they seem to straddle both
worlds - the modern and the classic - very easily. There's a mix of
lots of styles on here, some blues, soul, bluegrass...

Laura- What are your plans for the rest of ’09?

Nell- Tour Tour Tour. That has always been my mantra. I'd like to meet as
many new fans as possible. I love what I do, so it doesn't feel like

Laura- I’m a big fan of yours and delighted to have been given a chance to
interview you. I wish you the best of luck with your music career and
Thanks a million or doing this interview for our readers at MusicReview unsigned.

Nell- You rock, Laura. Thank you sweetheart. Hope to see you at Whelan's
on June 30th! 2009!

Interview by Laura McGlynn
taken from
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Artist of the month

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Happy St Patricks Day

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Happy st Patricks Day from all at Musicreview

Artist of the month/ Cillian Foster

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We caught up with Cillian for an exclusive interview.

Trev- First thing congratulations on The artist of the month Cillian what is your plans for 2009?

Cillian- This year i plan to be very busy, i am going on tour from the end of February till June. but this year I am recording my debut album, hopefully it will be ready for realease this Summer..

Trev- I see your a special guest to lots of dates with Don Baker this year, how do you think this will help with your career?

Cillian- Well I have been playing with Don for the last 4 or 5 years, I got his managers number a few years back called her asking for some gigs and luckily got a call a few days later..But what it does careerwise, all the tour dates are theatres, so I will be getting my music across to around 200 people for each show, and it will not be a noisy bar, theatres are always very quiet.

Trev- Do you think there is opportunities in Ireland for unsigned artists like yourself?

Cillian- Well to be honest. I am not looking for a record deal, I am funding my own album as I want it to be all mine, but when its done i might look for a distribution deal which basically will help get it out to the masses..

Trev- How do you feel about Irish radio and do you think they do enough for unsigned and up coming talent?

Cillian- They don't even do nearly enough for Irish music...I don't listen to the radio as 99% of the music and shows that are on the radio do not appeal to me. I really don't understand why they dont play at least 50% of home grown music, as the talent is there.

Trev- The zodiac sessions seems to be a second home to you Cillian do you feel this is great starting place for up coming acts?

Cillian- HAHA. yeah, I love it at The Zodiacs. Always a great night, Jazz has just done an amazing job there. It reminds me of the current big name musicians in Ireland. Paddy Casey, Declan O'Rourke, Mundy to name a few used to all play in The International and now look at them, Its kinda like that in The Zodiacs, there is a serious high quality talent going through the place like, Marz Roche, Steve Duffy, Alan Marshall,Cíara Ashmore ,Anto Kane, Marko Darko, Brian McGovern, and its all free to listen to this.. I would be very surprised if some of the music in there does not get a career in the music business.

Trev- What is your favorite Irish act and why?

Cillian- I am just after buying John Spillanes new album which is quite good..but I am listening alot to Wallis Birds album, its been out for ages but its an amazing album. Still there are alot of Irish music i'm into as i think you can tel from my music, Paddy, Juno Falls, Mundy, Don Baker, Gemma Hayes, Ollie Cole.

Trev- Will we see an album or EP launch this year?

Cillian- You most certainly will..There are no dates as of yet but I am recording my album now so will be launching it this year..

Trev- Have you got some advise for young musicians only starting out?

Cillian- Go to college and forget about it..haha, only messing. Well all i would say is just do it for your own enjoyment, and not the hyped up reasons, cause the rockstar thing is blown way out of proportion. Just enjoy recording, and enjoy the live scene. and if you are lucky to make a career out of it, cherish it.

I would like to say RIP to the musical legend John Martyn who died this week too.

Thanks Cillian and the best of luck in 2009.

you can check out Cillian Foster at
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New logo

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our new logo for 2009
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