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Amicalola Falls

(viewed 586 times)
A better shot, taken with the D50.
29th Oct 2007, 18:38   comments (1)

Amicalola Falls

(viewed 1243 times)

Spending the day at Amicalola Falls. Currently waiting for sunlight to hit the falls.
27th Oct 2007, 15:21   comments (4)

Banded Sky

(viewed 627 times)
It didn't come out very well, but the sky had interesting bands across it
this morning.
9th Oct 2007, 18:00   comments (0)

Spending time with an old friend

(viewed 573 times)
Received as a birthday gift in 1982. "Well loved" doesn't even begin to
describe either it's state or how I feel about it.
2nd Oct 2007, 23:26   comments (3)

New Outlook on Life

(viewed 602 times)
My first ever pair of glasses. My sight wasn't bad, but I'd noticed I was
squinting to see clearly, so I had an eye exam and got a prescription for
1st Oct 2007, 18:36   comments (6)

Fairy Got the Blues

(viewed 657 times)
The late afternoon sun through the windows made this stand out. Had to
shoot it.
1st Oct 2007, 06:49   comments (4)

Cali n Tito's

(viewed 847 times)
Had a lovely weekend in Athens, visiting my son & his mom. We went to a
lovely cuban restaurant for lunch. I'd been wanting to take some shots
there for a while, so I made good use of the opportunity.
1st Oct 2007, 06:44   comments (2)

Playing in the Mountains

Got to go up to Marshall, North Carolina over the weekend. My friends Matt
& Laura bought some land up there and invited me along on their first
overnight camping trip / stay on the property. The proper care & feeding of
Mountain Hermits includes doses, of course, of mountains. I'm a happy
hermit today.
17th Sep 2007, 17:44   comments (1)