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A Good Day

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Today was a good day. I got some mountain-top time in, as well as
some bird watching and some enjoying-the-river time.
1st Jun 2008, 03:21   comments (5)

Happy Birthday

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To Me!

It's definitely been a good one: my mom and my son are both here and I
was treated to a mom-cooked roast beef dinner and a chocolate
cheesecake tort for dessert. Yay!
2nd Apr 2008, 02:30   comments (5)

So it begins

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Spring is beginning to sproing.
13th Mar 2008, 19:01   comments (2)


(viewed 785 times)
...but colorful.
3rd Mar 2008, 05:54   comments (0)

Playing with the webcam

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27th Feb 2008, 05:12   comments (1)

Same Shot, Different Angle...

(viewed 717 times)
...different day.
16th Feb 2008, 18:45   comments (0)

Snow: Round Two

Since I woke up to more snow this morning, I had to get out in it with the
camera. The crunch of snow under my boots brought back many happy memories
of growing up in New Brunswick.
20th Jan 2008, 01:47   comments (7)


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Twice in one week. Must be some kind of record.
19th Jan 2008, 17:24   comments (0)