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Taking a break from work, sitting on the bench, dappled light through the
trees playing on my feet. Testing the camera and posting from my new
31st Aug 2010, 22:21   comments (0)

Office Tower Finch

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There's a pair of House Finches with a nest somewhere near my window, which is 8 floors up in the office building.

They've been flitting about a lot today, coming to rest on the ledge outside from time to time. I think I'll bring my Nikon in tomorrow and perhaps get a better shot.
11th May 2010, 23:44   comments (2)


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That's one poorly thought-out acronym.
8th Apr 2010, 22:54   comments (1)

Utah Canyons

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Spent last week in California, on business. This was taken from the plane on the way back, somewhere over the state of Utah. Pretty sure this is in or near Canyonlands National Park.
5th Apr 2010, 17:02   comments (7)

Reflecting on Work

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20th Feb 2010, 00:11   comments (4)

Yet more snowy pictures

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13th Feb 2010, 04:29   comments (1)

Snow Watching

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We're getting a rare snowfall here in Atlanta today. The conference room windows, eight stories up, make for a good view.

After reading the weather forecast this morning, I brought the Nikon in with me to work and captured one of my co-workers contemplating the scene.
12th Feb 2010, 18:58   comments (0)


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My grandmother, who was called Mimi by all her grandchildren & great-grandchildren, passed away last night.

I took this picture a few years ago when Raven and I were visiting for Thanksgiving.

She was born in 1917, in Sidmouth.
30th Dec 2009, 16:55   comments (3)