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Sunset in the East

(viewed 722 times)
Thanks to this building I get sunsets in both directions...
8th Oct 2006, 00:44   comments (0)

Dam Trip

(viewed 788 times)
Well not much of a trip, really, since it's practically behind my apartment.
5th Oct 2006, 19:48   comments (3)

Confused Cat

(viewed 775 times)
Laser pointers and cats. That just never gets old.
5th Oct 2006, 19:45   comments (4)

Good Day

Raven and I had the day to ourselves for the most part. These were taken
during our expedition to the nearby park so that he could go fishing.
2nd Oct 2006, 08:30   comments (2)


(viewed 928 times)
The fellow who got the fastest time at the Karting last week got a trophy.
It didn't take long for it to be attacked by a space monkey. One of the
occupational hazards here, I suppose.
30th Sep 2006, 17:14   comments (3)

Andretti Karting

So we apparently had a really good month at work for August. As a thank
you, we were taken out to lunch at a place called
href="">Andretti Karting
. I opted not to
race and instead used this as a chance to try some action shots with my D50,
which I'd not had the chance to do yet.These are some of my favorites.
27th Sep 2006, 01:13   comments (9)

Contemplative Raven

(viewed 656 times)
Raven contemplates his next step.
24th Sep 2006, 20:40   comments (2)

Cats + Pointers

(viewed 756 times)
22nd Sep 2006, 01:53   comments (6)