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Where I Live

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This is the man-made lake in the middle of the apartment complex where I live.
It's apparently stocked with fish, though I've never bothered to try fishing
in it in the two years I've lived here.
21st Oct 2006, 21:46   comments (5)


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21st Oct 2006, 21:28   comments (5)

Morning Greeting

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This is what greeted my eye upon waking up from some dreams this morning.
I'm not usually up by now, this is about two hours early for me. It was a
foggy morn and this was just sitting up there in the grey sky. It faded
away over the next minute or so.
19th Oct 2006, 13:37   | tags:,,,comments (0)

And three more...

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...that I took with the phone this past weekend.
19th Oct 2006, 13:32   | tags:,comments (0)

A couple more...

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...from this weekend. Raven waving blinking lights around in the dark and
another angle of the lake at Starbridge.
16th Oct 2006, 06:11   comments (0)

Wonderful Weekend

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Spent the weekend at a place named Starbridge, attending a festival called
Turning Wheel, celebrating the turn of the seasons. Had absolutely
incredible autumn weather, good company and excellent scenery. I'm now one
well rested and happy hermit.
16th Oct 2006, 06:08   comments (2)

Red Tree

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A red tree for Swamprose. I found this one over the weekend and snapped it
because of it's bright color. Then I read about your dearth of red trees.
So, you can have mine!
16th Oct 2006, 05:55   comments (1)

Office Stuff

Some random shots of things people keep at their desks.
(The bear's what keeps me company during my long work days...)
13th Oct 2006, 05:20   comments (1)