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This is the second time I've seen a custom plate turning into the office
complex where I work.
21st Dec 2006, 16:56   comments (1)

Little Show

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A local photography club is hosting a show at a coffee shop here. I
submitted two photographs and they were accepted. My first show! Not that
you can see them well, but they're the two on the left in the top shot.
16th Dec 2006, 04:27   comments (8)

Hanging On

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Cleaning some images off the phone.

Autumn is done here, but some leaves remain...
16th Dec 2006, 04:20   comments (0)


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Cat furniture, once again.

Edit: Bleh. I wish camera phones with decent cameras weren't so expensive.
12th Dec 2006, 05:33   comments (0)

Hafla Pictures

Here's the pics I took at the Hafla.It was great, great fun and all proceeds from the door, a raffle and a
silent auction they held went to help a local Athens girl who has been
diagnosed with brain cancer.Fifth pic down is Raven's momma.
4th Dec 2006, 15:01   comments (4)

Hafla Weekend

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Went to a Hafla on Friday night. Much fun and many pictures, which I'll
post later. For now, you get this small video from my phone before I crash
into bed.
4th Dec 2006, 06:59   comments (3)

Thanksgiving Weekend

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This was Thanksgiving weekend in the US, and I sadly only got to spend a brief time with my extended family.

Top shot is my cousin Jack and his son Russell.

Next is my grandmother (my father's mother). She was born and raised in Sidmouth.

Last is a shot that represents five generations. The painting above the
piano, which was done by my mother, is my great grandmother. My grandmother is seated and my grandfather is in the large photograph on the piano. My father's picture is the small oval one next to my grandfather. Then there's myself and my son.
27th Nov 2006, 06:35   comments (2)


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The walk and pictures were dessert. I'm pretty sure it helps my digestion.
10th Nov 2006, 18:17   comments (3)