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Getting Started

(viewed 724 times)
Spring is showing up a little. A couple of trees here at work have
begun to bud.
8th Mar 2007, 17:29   comments (3)


(viewed 883 times)
Cat + Cat5
8th Mar 2007, 17:27   comments (5)

My mousepad...

(viewed 806 times)
...apparently does double duty as a catpad.
7th Mar 2007, 04:03   comments (3)


(viewed 629 times)
My friend Mary's little girl, wearing my hat.
5th Mar 2007, 21:54   comments (3)

Pen Defense

(viewed 631 times)
My pens never wander off. Probably because they're well defended.
2nd Mar 2007, 15:34   comments (2)

New Wheels

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Got back a little while ago from buying a new car. My first new vehicle
in 13 years. I bought my last one, a Chevy S-10, new and it's only just
now gotten too unreliable to consider repairing.

I'm a little freaked by having debt again for the first time in years,
but I do intend to do exactly the same with this car as I did with the
truck: drive until the wheels fall off. So here's to a long association
with... well I haven't named it yet. Something'll come to me.
27th Feb 2007, 03:59   comments (5)

I am...

(viewed 735 times) unrepentant sunset junkie.
20th Feb 2007, 01:12   comments (2)


(viewed 771 times)
Had lunch at The Vortex today, which has really great burgers and an
interesting decor. It's been a while since I was last there, I usually
end up at the other Vortex location in town.
16th Feb 2007, 18:45   comments (1)